Off the Cuff4Companies

Online Company Culture Program

Off The Cuff 4Companies is a video facilitated, interactive training program that uses purposeful play, experiential exercises and improvisation techniques as tools for professional growth.  Each experience is designed to delightfully immerse participants in collaborative and mindful activities in a playful and safe environment that induces laughter, fosters teamwork, and ignites employee engagement.

  • Jammed packed with hours of fun activities for team-building events
  • The perfect platform for continuing the in person training
  • A wonderful training tool
  • Easy to use, incredibly fun to play


Developed as a wonderful supplement to the in-person Improv4Companies’ Program as a way to enhance the learned skills and techniques from the live trainings.


The Program is Designed to:

  • Enhance Company Culture
  • Foster Teamwork
  • Ignite Employee Engagement
  • Improve Leadership
  • Boost Confidence
  • Increase Innovation


Exercises are Designed to Help Participants:

  • Think quicker on their feet
  • Become better listeners and communicators
  • Take risks with confidence
  • Skillfully adapt to change
  • Enhance innovation
  • Think-out-of-the box
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